A New Goal for a Better Life … ALBAIK a Smoke Free Zone

A New Goal for a Better Life … ALBAIK a Smoke Free Zone

Every ALBAIK restaurant is a smoke free zone because our customers wanted it that way

A New Goal for a Better Life … ALBAIK a Smoke Free Zone

Smoke-free Meal Times:

‘A New Goal for a Better Life!’ That’s what we urged our customers to aim for when we decided to make ALBAIK the first quick service restaurant chain in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to ban smoking on its premises.
From the more than 100,000 customer suggestions we receive each year, we found a strong trend urging us to turn our restaurants into smoke-free zones.

Although the campaign had a serious goal, we still wanted it to be fun. The campaign to phase out smoking in our restaurants began on May 31, 2006. Being a World Cup year, we decided to use the football frenzy to our advantage in raising awareness of our intention to go smoke free.

We dressed ALBAIK team members at each restaurant in referee uniforms. Each time someone decided to light up, our “referees” would blow a whistle and hand out a Yellow Card to the smoker. 
All visitors were also given informational leaflets, gum and a toy character resembling a ‘No-Smoking’ sign to help spread the word.

With all our restaurants officially turning into smoke-free zones on June 10, 2006, anyone caught smoking on our premises was handed a Red Card and politely requested to smoke outside.

The campaign witnessed great success and we are still proud of the fact that all our customers can enjoy a smoke-free environment while enjoying their favorite ALBAIK meal.