With ALBAIK You Are the House Hero

With ALBAIK You Are the House Hero

Every summer we help train young boys and girls to get handy around the house, teaching them everything from basic DIY tasks like replacing blown fuses and repairing leaky pipes to fire fighting and first aid.

Inspired by the concept of the summer camp, the ALBAIK House Hero program was a novel idea targeting the Kingdom’s youth during the long, hot summers. We believed that there were some basic skills everyone – no matter what they grow up to do later in life – needs to know, and we thought we could do our part to help young Saudi boys and girls learn them.

In 2000, we joined forces with the Vocational Training Institute in Jeddah, the Saudi Red Crescent Society and the Jeddah Civil Defense to teach young boys between the ages of 12-18 simple DIY skills every boy should know – including workshop basics, car maintenance, electrical basics and safety, plumbing, first aid procedures, fire safety and prevention, general household painting and maintenance. 

The next year we took the program to young girls between the ages of 8-16 from the Al Faysaliah Women’s Welfare Society in Jeddah, teaching them handy skills related to home décor, arts and crafts, basic health advice, personal grooming and etiquette, home economics, physical fitness, fire safety and prevention, and first aid.

In 2008, the annual program was extended to the Technical College in Makkah. We are proud to say that in just over 12 years, ALBAIK has trained more than 5,000 young boys and girls from the two Saudi Arabian cities to help out more around the house.