ALBAIK Chicken Meal


Baked fresh daily from the best bakeries in town. Soft and delicious!

ALBAIK Chicken-1

ALBAIK Chicken

The first bite will have you going MMMMM - Every piece of ALBAIK Chicken is marinated in our signature marinade - a unique and tantalizing blend of 18 herbs and spices – breaded and pressure fried in 100% pure vegetable oil, keeping in all the moist tenderness inside a crispy delicious golden crust

French Fries-2

French Fries

Golden Crispy french fries

Garlic Sauce-3

Garlic Sauce

Our signature garlic sauce will always have you ask for more

ALBAIK Chicken Meal

4 or 8 pieces chicken meals come with fries, a bun and 2 garlic sauces

  • Also available in spicy Also available in spicy
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