Your Questions Answered

Your Questions Answered

  • From which part of the chicken are ALBAIK nuggets prepared?

    ALBAIK Chicken Fillet Nuggets are 100% non-minced whole chicken breast fillets. This is part of our commitment to being transparent about the quality of food we serve.

  • Why are the pieces perfectly asymmetrical in size?

    Chicken is produced in several weights at the farm. ALBAIK’s strict quality control requires producers to provide us with one specific weight so as to ensure that each chicken piece is cooked to perfection and with high consistency.

  • We see ALBAIK trucks delivering food to the restaurants - where do they come from and why isn’t the chicken prepared in the restaurants directly?

    ALBAIK products are pre-prepared at AQUAT Food Industries Company production plant, a sister company of ALBAIK. All ALBAIK menu items are produced at the plant and then sent to the various ALBAIK restaurants for cooking and serving. Having the food prepared and packaged in the factory then sent to the individual restaurants ensures that the quality and standards are aligned, allowing the restaurants to concentrate on the final stages of cooking and serving.

  • How committed is ALBAIK to job nationalization?

    ALBAIK is very committed to job nationalization and has a clear career development program for potential candidates interested in joining ALBAIK. For further information please visit our Join the Team section of the website.

  • Does ALBAIK give licenses?

    We have not formally started awarding licenses, however we have started limited licensing in selective markets and are currently reviewing license opportunities and receiving applications from potential licensees. For further inquiries please visit us at:

  • How do you guarantee that ALBAIK chicken is Halal slaughtered if it is imported from suppliers abroad?

    The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has very strict regulations on this matter and does not allow the entry of food products that have not been slaughtered based on the Islamic slaughtering [Halal] process. The chicken we serve is from leading producers of chilled and frozen foods that maintain slaughterhouses specifically for the production of Halal products.

    In addition, the Halal slaughtering and production activities are supervised by members of the Latin American Islamic Council, which also issues the certificates that accompany the products attesting that they fully comply with the established Islamic Law’s precepts.

  • Is the chicken subject to health control checks?

    Yes, the chicken is imported from high-quality sources that implement the highest level of health and hygiene standards. The chicken is certified safe and goes through periodic quality checkups as per Saudi customs regulations. In addition, at AQUAT’s food production facility – our sister company – numerous laboratory tests are done on the chicken at every step of production to ensure its quality and safety.

  • What type of oil does ALBAIK use for frying and how often is it changed?

    Since ALBAIK was launched in 1974 we have been using 100% pure vegetable oil. The oil is a unique blend of vegetable oils that is prepared specifically for ALBAIK to enhance the uniqueness of the taste you enjoy. We follow a scientific process of monitoring our oil quality during usage to conform to world health standards and legislations as well as to local municipality and health standards.

  • Why don’t you serve kid’s meals?

    While we don’t have a set meal for children we do serve a 5-piece Chicken Fillet Nuggets Snack, which is popular with kids and adults alike. We strictly do not advertise or promote our food to children because it is part of our commitment to the society we serve.

  • Why don’t you serve your soft drinks in the fountain cups, as in all quick service restaurants and fast food outlets?

    Most of our customers are take-away customers and it is well known that with time the fizz in a fountain drink disappears and the experience is less satisfying. It is also an issue of convenience where it is much easier for a takeaway customer to carry home cans rather than cups.