Team Member Success Stories

Team Member Success Stories

Every one of us has a story to tell and we have invited team members to share with us their story and express how they feel successful in what they have achieved with ALBAIK. In their own words here are some snippets from the ALBAIK team

  • Abdul Salam (1978) – India – Training Coach

    “I have been with ALBAIK for 33 years now, starting as a team member in the restaurant, and now I am a training coach to all the new members of the ALBAIK team. The support I got from the Chairman and CEO is priceless. They supported me in times of need and I could not be happier about where I am today, which I could not have done without their encouragement, support and positive attitude.”

    Abdul Salam (1978) – India – Training Coach

  • Kabeer (1991) – India – Regional Operations Coach

    “Because of ALBAIK, I would have never been able to reach the position I have now. The opportunities that are available for people who want to grow are really limitless. I started off as a team member and am now responsible for all activities in the Makkah region and supporting cities.  I remember how the team in the old days used to see how hard I worked, and asked me why I cared so much… I now feel it’s for times like these. After 8 years of experience and already I became responsible for managing all Makkah, Madina, Yanbu and Taif restaurant activities. With ALBAIK, I know that all it takes is hard work… if we all have that, the company will always appreciate it, and will always make you feel part of the family.”

    Kabeer (1991) – India – Regional Operations Coach

  • Lukman (1999) – Bangladesh – Junior Operations Coach Trainee

    “I moved to Saudi because I wanted to grow my career and everyone knew that Saudi was the place for that in the early days… but when I moved in 1999, it was an obstacle for me because my family stayed in Bangladesh, I did not know how to cope with the culture, climate, and especially the language. I did not know how to communicate with people because many did not want to speak in English at that time. With ALBAIK, not only did I learn how to speak Arabic proficiently now, I have grown to become a Junior Operations Coach in training (responsible for supervising 3 different restaurants in the area), but also to be able to open my own business in Bangladesh. I setup my own fish, chicken and vegetable farms to sell local goods, and was able to build a big, comfortable house for my family to live in. I am happy because I know that they are living a very comfortable life now.”

    Lukman (1999) – Bangladesh – Junior Operations Coach Trainee

  • Ferdinand (2000) – Philippines – Restaurant Head Coach

    “When I joined in 2000, ALBAIK was in its growing stage with less than 20 restaurants. I really liked that it was small but also I enjoyed being part of the process of growing and stayed because I had more opportunities for personal growth than I have had with any other company. My goal is to continue growing with my team and with my organization.

    At the initial stage I struggled to get momentum. My first assignment was as a team member in Balad working in the customer service area (Dining). After observing my performance my manager Mr. Edgardo recommended that I become a Service Assistant Coach trainee and this valuable training provided by the company taught me about the techniques of hospitality and service.  After this training I was appointed Service Assistant Coach in the Sharafiyah restaurant, then Restaurant Coach in ALBAIK’s Qwaiza restaurant, and then Restaurant Head Coach. Now I am enrolled in the Harvard Training program for Junior Operations Coach."

    Ferdinand (2000) – Philippines – Restaurant Head Coach

  • Rami (2001) – Jordan – Warehouse Manager

    “The biggest thing I learnt from ALBAIK is the importance of having systems for any business in the industry to run successfully, and more importantly, I learnt how to build such systems. I didn’t know what I wanted out of my life, joining ALBAIK was a coincidence I never expected given my Bachelors degree is in Sociology. I was invited to participate in the Management Training program they were offering at the time. Given that ALBAIK already had a solid reputation, I accepted. Starting my training in the restaurants, I found the first 6-months to be very hard because I wasn’t used to working in a restaurant environment… I knew it was important though if I would ever end up developing the company’s management systems… which I started once completing my 6-month operational training.

    What I love most about ALBAIK is the feeling of always being a student; we all have to make mistakes in order to learn and improve ourselves, and ALBAIK is always patient when it comes to building the brand and its people. Because of that, I now have a world of opportunities available. I started as a young sociologist with no experience, and now, I am an entrepreneur, a leader, and a support system for my wife and kids.”

    Rami (2001) – Jordan – Warehouse Manager

  • Jaber (2003) – Saudi Arabia – Restaurant Coach

    “When I first joined ALBAIK in 2003 I was eager to start working in a growing company that is a well known brand. ALBAIK had already become very popular because of its commitment to customers and society in terms of quality, taste, food safety, service and affordable prices.

    I started as an ordinary counter team member and then became a cashier and after six months I became a Service Assistant Coach, which I realized was my mission since my area of interest is to serve the people. But my journey didn’t stop there and now I am working as a Restaurant Coach in Sultan Mall. I always find myself doing something different and the work never becomes routine. At ALBAIK, we are always deploying and using new technologies as they emerge, while the company’s career path system allows us to grow individually.

    Personally, I have taken every opportunity to improve my knowledge, skills and abilities through ALBAIK’s excellent training programs including SERVESAFE, Quality, Management, English Language and HACCP.”

    Jaber (2003) – Saudi Arabia – Restaurant Coach

  • Nassar (2004) – Saudi Arabia – Service Assistant Coach

    “ALBAIK has given me great opportunities for training and development. When I started in 2004 as a service team member, I had just received my high school diploma and did not have any management experience. Through the training I received from ALBAIK, I was promoted to a cashier team member and a service assistant coach after that. Now, I am working to obtain my Bachelors Degree in Tourism, something I would have never been able to do without ALBAIK.”

    Nassar (2004) – Saudi Arabia – Service Assistant Coach