ALBAIK Chicken Meal

ALBAIK Chicken Meal

What makes our signature ALBAIK Chicken Meal special? Is it because each delectable morsel is juicy, tender and wholesome? Or is it because you enjoy dipping each piece in one of the many rich creamy sauces? Or is it the flavor filled aroma that entices you as you enter the restaurant? Tell us…

  • "X1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 times better than KFC's chicken [no offence] please make better Burgers [those mighty zinger types] if you do so, your food would be EPICCCCCCCCCCCC!"Muhammad Arshad
  • "Why you are not opening in Dammam????????????????????????? My friends always tell about Al Baik always and I never get oppurtunity to travel west!!!!..
    Do something for Dammam..."Sinto Vincent
  • "Worked in Riyadh some years ago and never missed going to Al Baik on my Umra trips, even now I get friends to freeze and bring when they return to SriLanka on vacation.........please open a branch here!!!!!!"Almaz Anzary
  • "I miss Al baik very much
    I hope to come soon "Osman CELIK
  • "I like the test of Albaik and evan my family anf kids, whenever i ask outside food they start with Albaik...Its realy testy and good request to open albaik BR. near haram so all the guset of ALLAH can enjoy the test of ALBAIK.

    Thanks"VAQAR ALI
  • "i remember my childhood in Jeddah from year 1975 to year 1980 and the best days of the week, fridays, that after the sea we visited AL BAIK to have the best meal ever!!!! that delecious fried chicken which taste i still dream off!!!!"evi babis
  • "Great taste! Not greasy. Although crowed place yet clean atmosphere and well organized."Moh\'d Akram
  • "Juicy, tender, flavorful, finger-licking and delicious meals at the most reasonable prices! Albaik is probably the one thing I really miss the MOST in KSA. I only wish more drumstick's would be integrated into the meal, or better yet, make an entire meal consisting of drumsticks only!!!! and one more thing, humungous numbers of Albaik fans live abroad and are being neglected, please consider franchising and internationally expanding into neighboring countries such as the UAE, and Sudan... You may as well consider expanding to China and the US!!! I assure you, these meals you offer are craved by KSA visitors and previous expats around the globe! "Sulaf Elamin
  • "This is the best and tastiest chicken I ever had in my life..."Monis Imran
  • "Anything you say is not enough for one of the Best / juciest / crispiest chicken meals on the planet....

    But i think the Key difference in Al Baik and OTHER competitors is that it is so Juicy and yet NOT oily!

    And all this at a GREAT price!!

    Keep it up guys!! :)"Fahim Chapra
  • "Wow...Kingly food at average price...unbelievably delicious"Shehab Ikram
  • "Wallaah Hath toum zaada ya shaikh..."Essam Faseeh Allaah
  • "This Chicken is unbelievable :D "BİLAL BOZKURT
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