Our Values

Our Values

Our Values

The ALBAIK Culture is and has always been based on 4 main pillars [instilled by the late Shakour AbuGhazalah - founder of the brand]


At ALBAIK we are committed to always be Moral in all our dealings, Transparent about all our actions and Honest in all interactions and announcements.  


ALBAIK is built on Respect with each and every one of the ALBAIK team members being committed to setting a good example to those around through a Self Disciplined attitude, always being Helpful to anyone in need, being Humble in everything we say and do, and with a Fair and Empathetic manner to everyone we serve.

Team Spirit

Our brand is built on Team Spirit through our commitment and enjoyment in working together to continuously plant those MMMMMs and WOOOWs on our customers’ lips every time, everywhere, the world over … with a Positive Attitude about everything we do for a healthy work environment.

Always Striving for Excellence

Striving for Excellence is the heart of what ALBAIK always aims to achieve. Putting MMMMMs and WOOOWs on the lips of our customers’ every time, everywhere, the world over. This requires extreme commitment from all our team members, partners and stakeholders to continuously provide our customers with the ultimate ALBAIK experience.